My name is Deborah and I am a 67 year old woman visiting the Dominican Republic from Canada. During my stay at Cofresi Palm Beach and Spa Resort, I required medical attention for an allergic reaction. Dr. Carlos Espinal was the doctor on call. He came to my assistance immediately and his diagnosis was swift and without hesitation. I found Dr. Espinal to be very professional, caring and kind. His manner when dealing with me was very reassuring. With his help, I have recovered completely. The Resort is fortunate to have Dr. Espinal on staff.


Soy Alicia Hernández, la mamá de Roberto Olivenza Hernández, el bebé de 17 meses que estuvo ingresado allí la semana pasada.

Quiero agradecerles, de parte de mi familia y mía, el excelente trato que hemos recibido por parte de la pediatra Dra. Mirian Ureña Fernández y en general por la profesionalidad con la que atendieron a mi pequeño. Esos días fueron muy complicados para nosotros, puesto que nos vimos en un país que no es el nuestro, con un niño tan pequeñito, en fin…gracias a todo el equipo y fundamentalmente a la pediatra, todo se hizo mucho más llevadero y nos sentimos como en casa.

Hemos tenido la suerte de que Roberto estuviera en las mejores manos.

Muchísimas gracias por todo. Un abrazo,

-Alicia Hernández

Dr. Ramos,

I am back in Canada and soon to have the procedure complete. It’s been a long haul and the plan ride was awful and bumpy! Still no vomiting and the stomach has gone down large.

I thank you so much for all that you have done to basically save my life.

Hugs & Kisses!

Thanks again (you are a great doctor)

-Margaret Peggy Aleksiekjuk

This is the daughter of Gerald and Loraine Coley. Mom and Dad are back with us on the Carnival Magic! Both are doing well. They both wanted me to thank you for your help during this very stressful time. I also thank you for being there for them. We all were so worried about them and the situation. God is so good and you were an angel He sent to take care of them. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you.

-Mandy Coley Yelverton

I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation not only for having a medical office on site at the Majestic Colonial, but to thank Dr. Sanchez and Natividad for their professionalism, compassion and assistance.

How wonderful to have such an amazing facility right on the property of my resort. I know what it is like to seek medical treatment in a country other than your own where your grasp of the language does not extend to medical terminology. And the saving of time and money to quickly get your loved one seen and examined by a professional such as Dr. Sanchez made a bad situation so much better.

I have recommended the Majestic properties to my clients for many years for the beautiful beaches, the lovely properties and all the other amenities that make this resort so special. I will now be adding to that list 'peace of mind in case of a medical emergency' Dr. Sanchez and the Rescue Outpatient Clinic are there, thanks to Grupo Rescue.

Best regards,

-Pam Phillips, Travel Specialist Blue Destination Weddings

Hi Maria, I just wanted to let you know that Judy is doing well. She has had two surgeries since returning home to Newfoundland. The girls and I want to say thank you so much to the entire professional at Centro Médico Punta Cana team especially to you, for your help during our ‘crisis’. We don’t know how we would have managed without your help…. and your patience. You are a wonderful person….So kind and caring. I am sure you will be hearing from Judy when she gets home from hospital.

Punta Cana is beautiful and we did enjoy the time we had there.

We thank our lucky stars that we had Nelson to drive us back and forth from the hospital to the Resort. He was so kind to us. Wish we knew the language so we could let him know how much we appreciated his help.

You girls are the best. I hope your dream comes true to get your trip to Spain to visit your sister.

Take Care,

-Lillian Hudson ☺

I want to thank for this medium to the doctors Manuel Disla and Fleites and the secretary Maria, from the International department of Centro Médico Punta Cana, for the excellent care given on March 14th, 2016 to my husband Sergio Dario Olivera, who presented clinical symptoms of Renal Colic.

With the dedication, kindness, besides the impeccable facilities provided by the Centro Medico Punta Cana we want to send our greetings and congratulations, in a hard time like the one we had, we met with professionals who strive their patient care. Our return was very good, he continued with the indicated medication and with controls for their ailment.

I would like to add an endless of more data, but only would redound in the same. EXCELLENT ATTENTION. We send our greetings to the whole team who accompanied us. They are very professionals.

Sincerely, from Argentina

-Sergio and Guadalupe Chavez Angelica

Hello Regina,

I am very glad to finally have the insurance issue resolved. Thank you for confirming.

Today marks one year of the accident of my son James. I will always be grateful to the team of Centro Médico Punta Cana since the operation practiced my son saved his life.
Also, I am most grateful to all the volunteers who donated the blood to enable the surgery to be completed.
Please pass my gratitude along to all who supported us through the crisis.

Today...James continues to thrive. I am most proud of how he dealt with the situation and moved forward. He has become quite the successful businessman and now lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Please enjoy this holiday weekend.


-Dave Rohalley

To the doctors, nurses and of the staffs housekeeping kitchen, international, transport, patient care, radiology, and any other department who so graciously worked with us.

 I have felt very well taken care of here, and I have felt that your care has come from your hearts. Thank you so very much for helping me on the road to recovery. Even though we speak different languages, we could communicate with our hands, eyes and hearts.
I wish you the very best in the future.

-Betty and Phil De Young

Thank you for your information around INR blood tests. I have successfully had one done this morning and was very impressed with the service the friendliness and the efficiency of the staff.
Thank you, regards,

-Alan Hollingsworth

On Boxing Day I got emergency surgery in your hospital to fix double open fracture on my right leg.

As you know surgery was successful and I was released from the hospital three days later. I wish to say BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Janner Miranda (who performed surgery) and to Dr. Lantigua. I was really impressed with hospital, how you treat me (and my wife), friendly and professional stuff, very efficiency international department administration team. Thanks to all of you.

When I got back to Toronto, I went to Toronto Western Hospital (well known for Orthopedic Clinic) to continue with my recovery. They took few x-rays, exam my foot and replace mobilizing boot with cast. They were really impressed by Dr. Janner Miranda work and overall with condition of my leg. I think all of you deserve credits that I am doing well :)

My whole family wishes all of you Happy & Healthy 2016 :)

-Bora Teodorovic

Just wanted to send an email to give our thanks for the excellent care given to our son, Jordan James Rydall, after he became ill and had to have his appendix out while we were on vacation in Puerto Plata. Right from the clinic at Playa Dorada and Dr. Rodríguez, the two young men in the ambulance, the team in the emergency room, lab, ultrasound tech, his surgeon Dr. Milciades Pérez Eguren and the team in the operating room and recovery, Dr. Rafael Lantigua and the nurses and support staff who looked after Jordan in his post-surgical recovery. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is scary to be faced with such an ordeal on your vacation but everyone I tell about our experience I relay to them that Jordan received excellent care. Thank you to Celeste and Guilaine in the front office for their help as well dealing with insurance stuff. There was also a very kind security guard at the front door who helped me out when I could not contact family back at the resort. EVERYONE was so kind and helpful. Be very proud of the care your team gives - it is TOP NOTCH.

With gratitude,
Kim & Steven Rydall (mom & dad )
of patient - Jordan Rydall

-Kim & Steven Rydall

While on a cruise on Carnival Victory a couple of weeks ago I had a medical problem that the ships doctors were unable to rectify. Accordingly, when we docked at Puerto Plata on November 2nd. I  was transferred to you facility Centro Medico Bournigal S.A.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the staff I encountered for the prompt and excellent attention I received. I would specifically wish to thank Dr. Mohamad Aoun for his efforts on my  behalf, although each and every member of staff I encountered from orderlies on up were  cheerful and helpful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you facility to anyone who should need medical attention when in the area.


-David Robinson

My name is SYLVIA CAMPBELL, and I was admitted to Centro Medico BOURNIGAL on November 15, 2015 and treated for a broken arm. On Nov. 16 I was operated on and the humerus was repaired. During my stay at Centro Medico I received the best of care and treatment by staff and Doctors. Everyone was very kind, helpful and all efforts were made to make me comfortable.

Dr.Arturo Pelegrin and the assisting surgeon were both very efficient and thorough and I felt very comfortable and confident in their care. They both also had a great sense of humour, which created a great Dr.- patient relationship. I cannot thank them enough for the care that they showed me, and the same goes for all of the nurses and other staff. YOU HAVE A GREAT TEAM AT CENTRO MEDICO - and this has been shared with my family,friends here in Canada, as well as the people that we met at our resorts in Puerta Plata.
Adam and I both look forward to a return visit next year.

Thank you all, very much ....... THERE REALLY ARE ANGELS ON EARTH !

-Sylvia Campbell

Good afternoon,
We came back home yesterday without trouble. We would like to thank very much Dr Mirian Ureña for her diagnosis, treatment and kindness (answering our medical questions and explanation to us) and also Carolina, Julia, Irina who have been very nice to us and our little girl and very helpful at each moment.
Please tell them we are very grateful.
Clémence is much better. She has no fever. She drinks and eats as usual.
She is happy, playing and smiling like before. Auscultation is clear and the bumps are disappearing little by little.

Muchas gracias again.

-The Clemence family

Dear Xiomara Sanchez,
We are very grateful for your dedication and care received in Punta Cana last September.
We are back home in Brazil.
Please give a warm hug to all of your team.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear Dr. Blanco, all the staff and Cardiology Team at Centro Medico Bournigal,
I have no words to express my gratitude to all the attention I received from all of you, the timeliness and the kindness and the affection with which I was treated in July 20, your clinic, nothing could have been faster and professional attention I received from all of you.


Hello Dr. Lantigua,
You may recall my son Bruce, my wife and I visited the hospital over New Years. We wanted to extend our thanks and gratitude to everyone at the hospital for the excellent care we received during our stay. We appreciate everything you did for Bruce and the visit was very memorable for him.

Please pass our thanks on to the team at the hospital. 


Dear Dr. Rafael Lantigua,
We arrived safely home to us in Bucharest - Romania. Our family’s doctor has seen medical reports that you have given us, he consulted us and decided that ... we are good for work. So I started working in my office.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional, attention and love that you have taken care for us. Our thanks are addressed to you, to your colleague, to Santa and to all your team. We will keep you fondly in our memories and we will be glad to see you again, but fully healthy.
With all our love,

-Elena and Remus