About Us

For over 30 years Grupo Rescue has been committed to healthcare

With the experience of three generations of healthcare professionals, commitment has been one of the key elements of our success as a group.
Going where our patients need us and providing advanced scientific knowledge has defined our network. We are the preferred health network provider among the majority of health care, international and travel insurance companies.

We have presence in all the mayor cities of the Dominican Republic with concentration in touristic destinations, taking a very important role to meet the demand for both medical specialized services and emergency care.

Grupo Rescue unifies under the concept of a National Health Care Network, which is responsible for all operations of the affiliated health centers along with their procedures and regulations. We have developed various private hospitals and clinics to provide medical services required by international standards.

The group is in constant evolution. In 2011, we restructured our corporate management updating the standards and redefining our mission, vision and values. Grupo Rescue is devoted to provide the best reliable healthcare in the time of need.


Our commitment is with the health of our patients, granting a unique healthcare, with optimum quality and accesible to all population along with a qualified team with international healthcare standards.


Work consistently to keep our presence and become the most successful Health Network in the global market, stablishing strategic aliances with well known and stablished health institutions. Support our communities with actions who resembles our commitment with our colaborators, scientific and technological development in favor of the human being.


Our patients are our priority

Passion about our profession

Human care in a family culture

Trust and Integrity



Care of our environment

Board of Directors

Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo
Dr. José Redondo

Board President

Dr. William Redondo
Dr. William Redondo

Board Medical Director

Manuel Cocco
Manuel Cocco

Corporate Finance Director

Charlotte Contreras
Charlotte Contreras

Corporate Finance Director International Division

Gilberto Díaz
Gilberto Díaz

General Comptroller

Juan Miguel
Juan Miguel López

Corporte Purchasing Director

Jose Velez
José A. Vélez

Director International Division

Alberto Mena
Dr. Alberto A. Mena

International Billing

Luis Eduardo Redondo
Luis Eduardo Redondo

Medical Tourism Director

Santiago Roca
Santiago Roca

Corporate IT and Quality Director

Yocaira Caimares
Dr. Yokaira Caimares

Corporate National Insurance Director

Eric Brugal
Eric Brugal

Project & Development Director

Erika Pugliese
Erika Pugliese

Legal Dept. Director

Dr. Nelson Reyes
Dr. Nelson Reyes

Epidiomologist Director

Irma Mojica
Irma Mojica

Corporate Marketing Director

Omar De Moya

Corporate Security Director